Safari Club International (SCI) is a worldwide organisation that promotes wildlife conservation through responsible utilisation. It also is the world's largest and most active international big-game hunting organisation. The organisation motto is "Conservation of Wildlife, Protection of the Hunter and Education of the People". Visit SCI's website.
SCI africa chapter - code of conduct
  • Hunting must take place according to the principles of fair chase.
  • Abide by relevant legislation and recognised codes of conduct.
  • Enhance by action the survival of wildlife populations, protection of biodiversity and promotion of sustainable utilisation.
  • Ensure humane practices in all wildlife utilisation.
  • Employ only proper hunting methods and appropriate equipment.
  • At all times engage only in fair and honest practices.
  • Educate others about the benefits of sustainable use, conservation, proper procedures and hunting ethics.
  • Recognise the needs of indigenous rural communities relating to the utilisation of sustainable natural resources.
fair chase
  • Every sport hunter shall pursue an animal only by engaging in fair chase of the quarry. Fair chase is defined as pursuit of a free roaming animal or enclosed roaming animal possessed of the natural behavioural inclination to escape from the hunter and be fully free to do so.
  • Said animal is to be hunted without artificial light source, not from a motorised mode of conveyance and in an area that does not by its nature concentrate animals for a specific purpose or at a specific time, such as at a waterhole, salt lick or feeding station.
  • No ethical hunter while sport hunting shall take female animals with dependent young. A sport hunted animal should exist as a naturally interacting member of a wild sustainable population located in an area large enough for it to breed and forage or hunt freely. Sport hunted animals should be sustained within a natural state of balance between forage predators and prey.
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