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What is a hunting trip without the Toys

So what better excuse do you have to stock up on a few of those new must have hunting essentials? "...after all honey, I am going to Africa and you never know what you may need to survive on the dark continent...!"

Most of your regular hunting gear will see you through but there are a few differences and must haves, even for those who do not like to part with their hard earned dosh unless absolutely necessary. Often going out and buying something that you're not familiar with then using it in the field in a country that you've never hunted in is not always the best thing. Stick to your own gear, things that work for you in the field - good optics, a good flashlight, comfortable rifle slings, warm gloves, a practical hat, worn in hunting boots or shoes and most important, a rifle that you know - one you have at least fired beforehand!

The so called African hunting experts, those that have never lived here in Africa yet write about it for a living, try and scare you into an inordinate amount of Cr*p because they are sponsored. YES even hunting now has fancy sponsors and endorsements, as if it has become a spectator sport - what a pity - simply put hunting is the most personal of all sports and should be left alone to the individual to live up to their own self imposed set of values and habits.

Seriously - there are so many of these African experts these days, especially those that have access to a cam camcorder and tight shorts, running around the African bush pretending to be the foremost authority on all things African. They do make for a good round of jokes when the PH's get together and chew the fat though.

In the end the best advice you can take is your own experience and apply it to the basics that you'll need for a safari to Africa. Ask your outfitter and PH, they do know what the essentials are - PH's don't spend money on fancy shit, they truly will wear clothes until they fall off or shoes that eventually come apart. Take a look at their binoculars or their rifles, the boots they wear or the knives they carry, they don't look shiny and new yet they perform day in and day out without hassle.

The other thing to remember is that all of Africa isn't just Africa, it is vastly different so if one of the top Zim PH's blabber on and on about boots made from real buffalo hide then watch out; when you're sitting on the snow covered peaks of the Drakensberg waiting for a vaal rhebok to appear and you cannot feel your frozen feet then you'd wish that Zim PH was near so you could shove the boot where it was warmer! Not all of these so called African experts are experts on Africa - they may know one particular country in Africa but not all of Africa.




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axe and AK47 assault rifle

You'll find that in Africa the most simple of tools are used for every task. There is very little that the two tools above will not do - seriously, these were taken off poachers who had been living in the bush for over 4 months - this is all they had on them - and of course allot of bushmeat!

Making rope out of tree bark

This site has some great emergency stuff which you could use in Africa - take a look, just for the fun of it! The freeze dried ice cream looks good!

Nitro-Pak--The Emergency Preparedness Leader

Check out the Steri-Pen - a water purifying gadget used by the US military, portable and easy to use!


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