newsletters - march 2005


pre-2005 season happenings...
zambian sable - reduced by 30-40%

It looks as if proper hunts for sable in Zambia's Kafue region are set to come down in price by as much as 30-40% for 2005.

A restructuring in hunt conditions will make it possible to hunt sable over 10 days.

Take advantage of this late season special on sable - hunting for the Kafue region's jet-black Sable bulls in the 45" class as well as a host of other prime Zambian antelope, including Sitatunga.

10 day safari for trophy Sable in Lunga Busanga concession...

Remember this concession has the widest variety of species in Zambia and on this safari you can add 8 additional trophies - 28" Sitatunga, Red Lechwe, Defassa Waterbuck, Livingstone Eland, Crocodile, Puku, Sharpe’s Grysbok, Oribi and Buffalo.


sitatunga swamp hunting
hunt zambian swamps

A rare alternative to hunting Zambia's popular Bangweulu Swamps - ROUGH hunt with us in an untouched vast body of papyrus and reed-covered wetlands that has seen very low hunting pressure. Home to thousands of birds, Elephant, Hippo and massive Lion ... the elusive Sitatunga as well as the Red Lechwe.


lion hunting furore
The canned lion debate has hotted up again in South Africa with a new policy being drafted for the breeding and hunting of predators: lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog and hyena --- members of the public must vote "yes" or "no" by cellphone as to whether predators can be bred and hunted in captivity - read the new draft policy here
elephant in zambia?

For the first time in over two decades, Elephant hunting has been allowed to resume in Zambia. The justification to re-open hunting focuses primarily on stable population numbers in the Luangwa and Zambezi valleys as well as the recurring problem of rogue or crop raiding Elephant in other regions.

Met with much emotive criticism and opposition, the decision to go ahead has been welcomed by those safari operators who have been allocated Elephant quota in their hunting concessions. While many hunters are salivating at the prospect, it must be said that Zambia was probably hardest hit by the ivory slaughter by poachers of the 1980s and one can safely conclude that the real heavy tuskers' genes were wiped out during this period.

Of the two valleys, Zambezi is most likely to produce the best results with the once well-protected pachyderms from Zimbabwe now seeking refuge across the river in Zambia. A few reports from PHs in the Zambezi GMAs, as well as elephant seen in the Lower Zambezi National Park, point to some decent bulls being taken this season.

Last year in Luangwa we saw some spectacular ivory on two occasions, yet they would probably not have made 60 pounds and were aesthetically pleasing rather than heavy. Remember, Luangwa Valley's Elephant are naturally small-bodied and even before the heavy poaching of the 1980s it was hard to find anything over 50 pounds.

If you do want to hunt Zambia for elephant make sure you go to the Zambezi Valley concessions and make sure you are hunting with a PH that has elephant experience. Elephant hunting was closed more than 20 years ago so many Zambia PHs have no Elephant experience whatsoever unless they have hunted in the neighbouring countries where elephant hunting is allowed.

secrets of what to wear ... in africa

As I leaf through the latest safari magazines I am amazed at the huge array of clothing, styles, colours and patterns for an African safari...targeted directly at you, the adventurous hunter embarking on a dream African safari ...

Yes, the advertisers know you don't know what to expect and....of course, every hunter likes to buy hunting stuff - what better excuse could you have, you're going to Africa, you need to be prepared!

There is the ever popular cut-off vest with pockets and zips worn by the iron men of the industry who are recognised and imortalised through outstanding awards for their sun-bleached hair and Adonis-like bronzed arms, a shiny expensive double rifle draped off one shoulder and a RayBan-shaded glint in their eye!

But somewhat more in your face is that ever-present authority on Africa, widely regarded as the best African hunting writer ever to have trod the fearsome savannah wearing very short shorts. Most ladies will gleefully agree they are quite short shorts and distinct to the man - it's here that the men are separated from the boys.

It is the selection of the shorts that will determine your trip success and you simply need to make the right choice!

Those long droopy "rap" type shorts worn by open mouthed youngsters which show half their underpants will definitely not cut it. Neither will those lacey towelling "soft" styles usually worn on the beaches of Hawaii by guys called Shakeer, LaWayne and OrangeJellow!

You see, there is a cut of shorts which most PHs wear and is quite distinctive across the industry.

These shorts are short, they do not hang restrictively over the knee and neither do they pretend to cover up (or highlight) any shortcomings the wearer might have. They are just plain short shorts - they never made the catwalk in any other continent and I cannot imagine who designed them but they are forever doomed to be the fashion pride of the African PH......

READ MORE... a tongue-in-cheek look at what to wear in Africa...

happy hunting
pete swanepoel jnr & julia seal-swanepoel
"I speak of Africa and golden joys" ; the joy of wandering through lonely lands; the joy of hunting the mighty lords of the wilderness, the cunning, the wary, and the grim." Theodore Roosevelt - 1908


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