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newsletters - february 2005
2005 is upon us already - hope you relaxed over the holiday season and are now ready to enjoy the first of our newsletters for the upcoming hunting year
  in this issue

Ok! So you have a hankering for a black-maned African Lion ... but perhaps you 're thinking you don't want to do a South African hunt because all South African lion hunts are canned, perhaps you're thinking even some of those offered in Namibia and Zimbabwe are also of the tuna tin variety and perhaps you're thinking all those glossy brochure and web page photos of black maned brutes could all have been shot 10 years ago - who knows these days ... and now .... you've heard the positive news about a country in central Africa where they have been taking black-maned Lion very recently because their hunting has only been open for two seasons ... and then you remember the name ZAMBIA.

"Make no mistake - Zambia is a hot country right now, and it deserves your serious attention. That's especially true if you are looking for a good Lion. Just don't let your excitement about the country overwhelm your good judgment. And don't go bargain-hunting, as there aren't any bargains in Zambia right now" - quote from Don Causey, The Hunting Report


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zambia - the destination for 2005
If you ever intend to hunt in Zambia, be it for the cats, the endemic species or simply to experience hunting the country, DO IT WITHIN THE NEXT 2 YEARS, you'll get the cream!

The Zambian safari industry has emerged, phoenix-like, from the accusations of corruption and political interference to stake its claim once again as one of Africa’s best classic safari hunting destinations.

And let’s be honest, unless you are "collecting" one of the South African lions, where else in Africa could you rest assured that you are embarking upon a proper safari in realistic pursuit of a big Lion? Your best bet must surely be Zambia even with two full hunting seasons under her belt, big male Lion are still a very real prospect.

Add to this an impressive array of huntable species which are becoming more expensive and scarce across the traditional African hunting countries and you are balancing on the edge of a true Rooseveltian safari endeavour. Realistically, where in Africa can you hunt all of these species on one safari? Big Lion & Leopard, world-record Buffalo, Sitatunga, 3 Lechwe species, Africa’s biggest Sable, Roan, Livingstone's Eland, Yellow-Backed Duiker, Cookson's Wildebeest, Defassa Waterbuck, Lichtenstein's Hartebeest, Puku, Sharpe’s Grysbok, Oribi and Chobe Bushbuck!

Of course, you also have the common species as well - Hippo, Crocodile, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Warthog, Impala, common Duiker, Reedbuck, Bushpig, Hyena, Tssessebe and the comical Baboon.

Zambia’s list of wild fowl has most avid wingshooters drooling yet archaic regulations do not allow one to enjoy these more gentlemanly pursuits to the full. However, on most safaris hunters will enjoy the thrill of a covey of exploding Francolin or the confusion of a flock of Guinea Fowl rushing overhead.

In short, the country brims over with opportunity. The key is finding an outfitter and professional hunter with unblinkered vision capable of exploring, in a professional and exciting manner, Zambia’s overflowing wildlife cauldron.

Do not always believe what you read in glossy African sporting magazines, rather do your own homework and research. Zambia is a wonderful country to hunt, you just have to choose the right concession and outfitter and then you have to be prepared to really hunt, not simply collect!

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african male lion

2005 lion hunt

We have one Lion available in our 2005 quota and are taking bookings for 2006.

The Busanga Plains are home to what can be described as Zambia’s largest maned Lions. The absence of acacia thickets on the Busanga plains and the relatively open Miombo woodland, typical to this area, ensure their manes remain long and black. In addition the boundary with the Kafue National park, well known for the quality of Lion it harbors, makes this one of Zambia’s prime Lion concessions.

Lunga Busanga has only had 2 male Lions hunted over the last 2 years. Why would you NOT want to hunt Lion here? especially once you see the photos...

Email us if you are interested or read more about our zambian hunts.

  leopard - newsletter special deal

lechwe on busanga plains


bush camp in busanga

Due to a late cancellation we have the following leopard hunt available with limited dates in our Lunga Busanga hunting concession in Zambia.

14 Day Leopard hunt in Lunga Busanga = US$23,950
Includes all services and fees related to the Safari PLUS trophy fee for 1 Leopard.

This is a classical hunt over 14 days for one of Africa’s most elusive creatures in a concession that has had very limited hunting over the last two years. However, the real attraction of this hunt is the other species available in the concession which you can take during your safari.

Consider taking any or all of the following on this same safari: Sable US$3700, Roan US$4000, Buffalo US$2000, Sitatunga US$2500, Red Lechwe US$2000, Crocodile US$1500, Hartebeest US$1200, Puku US$800, Impala US$250, Blue Wildebeest US$1000, Zebra US$850, yellow backed Duiker US$1300, common Duiker US$300, Sharpes Grysbok US$400, Kudu US$1200, Oribi US$600, Warthog US$450, Hyena US$500, Defassa Waterbuck US$1800, Baboon US$100, Chobe Bushbuck US$650, Bushpig US$400, common Reedbuck US$500

Also remember that the SCI World Record Buffalo was shot here during the 2000 season, after which hunting was closed until last year. Since then only a few safaris were put through this concession ensuring realistic expectations of high trophy quality.

Available dates
June 1st thru 14th
July 9th thru 22nd

Email us if you are interested or read more about our zambian hunts

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  bowhunt in zambia

zambian sable


kafue lechwe


We have an incredible deal for BOWHUNTERS on our 10,000 acre property in Zambia.

We have over 300 head of game, many of them females that have to be culled AT NO TROPHY FEE!!!!

Species include Livingstones Eland, Kudu, Defassa Waterbuck, Kafue Lechwe, Zebra, Warthogs, Bushpigs and many more.

It is an incredible opportunity for true bowhunters as they can take as many of the females species as they like. Then if a trophy males does walk by, you can take it at regular trophy fees - it's a deal too good to miss.

Here's why - on other bow hunts you have a set number of species in your package and if you don't see a good one you have to settle for a mediocre one and still pay. With us, you get to shoot a great number of females animals at no cost while waiting or stalking the bigger males. If no suitable males appear then at least you have shot something and your trip is not a disappointment.

The hunting habitat is Miombo woodland, typical of Zambia. Large open wetlands and savanna expanses make hunting from tree stands, blinds and on foot the perfect challenge.

You have a choice of 5-star lodge accommodation at the main camp or the more isolated and typically Zambian safari camp with en-suite thatch bungalows. You get the true classical safari experience at a quarter of the price.

All you pay is a daily fee which includes all services related to your accommodation and your hunting. There are no other fees except trophy fees (if you do take a trophy male of your choice) - prime male trophy species like Sable, Lechwe, Tssessebe, Defassa Waterbuck, Chobe Bushbuck, Puku, Oribi and Sharpe's Grysbok are available.

7 days hunting = $3,500 per hunter
10 days hunting = $4,900 per hunter
14 days hunting = $6,800 per hunter

We have special prices for family hunting groups and father-and-son hunts.

Don't miss out! Dates available in your prime vacation months in July, August and September 2005.

Email us if you are interested or read more about our zambian hunts.

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  sitatunga swamp expedition

crossing the swamps on makoro


sitatunga hunt

Sitatunga are becoming increasingly difficult to find in central and southern Africa today and we predict that in the next few years it will be one of those species which attract a high number of days as well as a higher trophy fee, as set by government.

Sitatunga are confined to the dense papyrus reedbeds of major wetlands like the Bangweulu Swamp in Zambia OR Botswana’s Okavango delta. With hunting closed in the latter, Zambia has become one of the few hunting destinations where Sitatunga can be hunted with relative ease of travel and within the budget of most hunters.

We are pleased to offer Sitatunga hunting in our newly acquired concession, Lunga Busanga, which lies along the boundary of the Kafue National Park and one of Zambia’s lesser wetlands, the Busanga Swamps.

We have exclusive rights to this concession which means it is only hunted by us for Sitatunga as well as the many other species that occur there. This is totally unlike hunting the Bangweulu where you have a multitude of other safari outfitters using the same tired camps and blinds each season.

We have a special 2x1 Sitatunga hunt available for 2005 at $11,900 all inclusive. Email us or read more about our zambian hunts.

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  south africa's best wingshooting
guinea fowl in cape town

Join us this May in South Africa's finest wingshooting destinations.

With one of the longest seasons in the country and the relative absence of local hunters, the wheatfields and farmland of the Western Cape teem with Geese and Duck, Guineafowl and Francolin.

Stalk Guinea Fowl and Francolin through the vines of the wine region ... shoot Geese and Ducks along the scenic Garden Route ... and indulge in the best of Cape Town - traditional South African meals, fireside cigars and port, smelly goats cheese, Pinotage wine, Hugenot chocolate, historical architecture, spectacular scenery, designer golf course and Great White Shark diving....

Hunt for Spurwinged Goose, Egyptian Goose, Yellow-billed Duck, Cape Teal, Red-billed Teal, Cape Shoveller and African Shellduck as well as Guineafowl, Cape Francolin and Red-Necked Spurfowl.

And in true wingshooting tradition, the Cape's added attractions based around the shoots makes for one of the most memorable wingshooting trips in South Africa today.

We have just 2 weeks still available in May for a maximum of 6 people per group. From US$2500 per person for 7 days. Email us or read more about our wingshooting for 2005 and 2006.

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happy hunting

pete swanepoel jnr & julia seal-swanepoel

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"I speak of Africa and golden joys" ; the joy of wandering through lonely lands; the oy of hunting the mighty lords of the wilderness, the cunning, the wary, and the grim." Theodore Roosevelt - 1908

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we are featured in this month's The Bird Hunting Report

For those of you who've been to Africa - you'll remember the maddening buzz of cicada symphonies...?

Strange for us to hear them then at Christmas in Cape Town against a backdrop of crashing waves and cool ocean breezes rather than the dry heat of the African bush. One of our clients last year talked of the 17-year-cicadas in the US - so we wondered if the Cape was seeing a mass birth of this legendary chorus after an age underground...

cicada female

The crashing renditions are delivered by cicada males (Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hemiptera; Suborder: Auchenorrhyncha) which sit on tree branches deep in the African bush, apparently doing nothing. They sing to attract a mate, spreading their wings and arching and wagging their abdomens to vary loudness. Their singing makes them the loudest insects in the world, reaching sound levels of up to 120 decibels that can travel well over a kilometre. And no, they can't even hear their own racket - they go deaf when calling!

Some African cicadas are unique, using tricks to ensure they stay invisible even when singing. Instead of using the heat of the sun to regulate their body temperature like most cicadas around the world, these cicadas are actually hot-blooded which means they can sport camoflagued wings and hide in shady spots away from predatory birds but still find the energy to call for their wives - even when the sun is low at dawn and dusk.

Female cicadas drill holes in twigs to deposit their eggs. These eggs hatch into wingless nymphs and it is these that show such a slow development rate. Crawling underground to feed, some species only emerge after 17 years, although most African species remain underground for about 2 years. As adults they only survive just over a month!

forgotten what they sound like? click here

want more info on cicadas?

travel tip
Travelling to South Africa this year? Remember to ensure you have AT LEAST one totally empty page in your passport when you arrive in the country. Immigration has decided to enforce this law to the detriment of several tourists over the festive season.
Smoke that thunders!

Hunting Zambia this year? You really should consider a trip to see the Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Contact us for a great add-on trip to the Falls, including airfares and accommodation.
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