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Africa same old BS most of the time

Of course there are many that write about Africa, many that have been doing so for years - the famous words in Theodore Roosevelt's book African Game Trails " I speak of Africa and Golden Joys....." were first inked by the bard William Shakespeare way back when Europe's only knowledge of the continent was through the Roman invasions or Carthage!

Today we're a dime a dozen, the writers and the actors that bring you, in their own words, 'the real Africa'. If only I had a penny for every time I heard that saying, I wouldn't be wracking my cranium right now, rather I'd be on the beaches of the fairest Cape swigging red wine and taking pictures of topless nymphs to sell on the internet!

No seriously the wave of literature that is suddenly upon us these days from all corners of the continent is amazing to see, a sort of revolution in modern information spread. The problem is there are so many, so much to get through and conflicting views. This s just how we Africans are, no one knows better than we do, even the truth is sometimes not entirely correct because we are PH's and what we say generally goes.

Yet there are those tough guys of the writing world, the ones with fancy names and ranks or the ones who have hunting family histories going way back to the ark, the real white Africans they call themselves. There are also the safari vest pioneers, the ones who might appear on hunting videos with bronzed arms and iron clad grips on their gold inlaid doubles sneaking up behind bull elephants and then potting them before the client has a chance.

The greater ones even start their own TV shows and pretend they are 'real' African PH's and that despite only having shot 4 leopard in their lives, are now the ultimate authority on this most elusive of cats. These are the guys that most believe, they are shiny and they are fresh and they are ranked. You'll not see a true PH do this work, no this is far above them, PH's are dirty, they don't talk well and despite having grown up in the African bush, they just don't know how to express themselves. Give them a beer and make them sit in the corner while you put it all on film, that's the way to handle those Africans!

Through the newsletters on this site I hope to give you a better understanding of Africa, the hunting on offer and her people as I see it, as a 3rd generation Zambian. True to PH style, there may be points that are controversial and what I say more often than not offends other PH's and operators.

You see to me there is no loss in being up front and honest, in telling it like it is. As PH's and safari operators what we face to lose is far less than the effects we are having on our wildlife populations and we have to face this head on instead of hiding our heads in the sand. We are the only ones who can make a difference in this model which values hunting as a conservation tool but more than anything we have to start with being honest to ourselves and not protecting our own vested interests.

I don't make excuses for where we are in our hunting but there are many contentious issues, some blatantly disgusting and unethical which have to be faced and ended. If all PH's were truly concerned about the future of the wildlife in their areas then they'd clear up these issues and not get seething mad when approached.

Unfortunately it seems the only measure of control these days has to come from those who are empowered worldwide to act on behalf of wildlife and their conservation: WWF, USFWS, CITES, EWT etc. Take the canned lion debacle for example, there was no self regulation from within the industry, there was too much profit involved even though everyone knew they were shooting Lions in cages!



YOUR VIEWS ! - THERE MUST BE some things I say that some of you disagree with or have a comment to add.

PLEASE if you have anything to say let us know, add it here and I assure you it will be published and commented upon!



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