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If you thought the season for deals was over, think again, they are just starting and as usual I've got some great last minute hunting opportunities with some operators in Zambia and South Africa which are too good to miss. (note these are for 2010 only)



Old Friends Mike & Val Heath of Wildcat Safaris hunting out of their North Luangwa concessions - Chikwa / Fulaza and Lundu have produced some of the valley's best Lions in the past 4 years. I find their areas as good as any other of the more famous Luangwa concessions and this is probably due to their proximity to the North Luangwa park. This park has over the last 10 years received the bulk of anti-poaching funding from the Frankfurt Zoological Society and the effect is remarkable - the Lions coming out of the park are spectacular and numerous.

AN OLD FAVORITE IS BACK - 2x1 BUFFALO, HIPPO & CROCODILE @ $13,950 inclusive of trophy fees for the three beasts!

Includes all fees related to hunting of the three trophies, government permits, licenses etc. Additions are charter /scheduled flight @ $1500 per client, dip & pack $1000 per client, rifle permits $ 50 each.

21 Day 1x1 Lion Safari inclusive of trophy fees for Lion, Hippo & Croc - $58,995 PLUS all government licenses and fees PLUS charter into and out of the area!

We have one package deal in their more northern concession, Lundu - where I have personally taken the biggest bodied lions in all my years in Zambia - like the one at right!

Additional fees are: Dip & Pack $ 1500 and Rifle Permits $ 50 each, gratuities for staff and PH, any accommodation before and after safari dates,any items of a personal nature.

THIS IS A GREAT DEAL for what you are getting - most of the extra's are included and the quality of Lion you get here is huge!

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Spectacular Lundu Lion



Wildcat Safaris also offer some great ranch hunting packages for Zambia's hard to get specials - of course Zambia is known for their quality Sable antelope and your cheapest option of a big bull is on a game ranch.

Don't get the wrong idea - the ranches are large and the game is wild, this is not merely a walk in the park! Expect Sable bulls in the 41 to 46 inch range!

1 x 1 x 5 day Sable Hunt Package $ 22,500 - includes Sable, Livingstones Eland, Zebra, kafue lechwe impala & duiker. The real bonus here is that the Kafue Lechwe is taken on the Kafue Flats.

Additional fees are Dip & Pack $ 1000 and Rifle Permits $ 50 each

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Zambia Sable

7 Day Luangwa Buffalo Safaris

No newsletter would be complete without the good old Black Death Safari and this year the prices are getting better and better - especially for some of the Luangwa areas.

Take a 2x1 buffalo hunt for example, in a very good area at $12,850 per hunter inclusive of all fees except your scheduled flight in at $450.

The 1x1 fee for this hunt is $ 14,900 - still a great deal for a 100 percent buffalo hunt!

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Cape buffalo hunting


BOTSWANA ELEPHANT with Johan Calitz Safaris - the country's best!

Sankuyo (NG34) & Joverega (NG41) - 14 day safari for $37,900

The normal price of this safari is $47,900 - available dates are: 22 April - 7 May 2010 & 1 - 16 June 2010 - CLICK below for more info on what's included and what extra fees to expect!

Johan has consistently, over more than 10 years, boasted an ivory average on trophy elephant of between 61 - 63lbs and that Johan Calitz Safaris have a 100% success rate year after year.  Last year they shot over 70 elephant - a tall order!



OK, so some have said that South Africa is nothing more than a shooting gallery - they vehemently oppose any form of hunting behind a fence - sorry to burst your bubble but if you want some of those spectacular animals that southern Africa is known for then you have no choice than to hunt on a game ranch!

Consider this - South Africa is home to the largest Kudu in Africa, they have the magnificent Gemsbok & Nyala, the comical back Wildebeest and the keen sighted Springbok - it would be sad to lose an opportunity on these awesome animals AND you'll not hunt at a cheaper price than here.

You'll notice 100's of packages on the internet and often you'll simply say what and where do I go - some even give up on South African hunting and decide to take a cruise just to get their mind straight again.

HERE ARE SOME HUNTS WITH TOP NOTCH OUTFITTERS - those I have personally hunted with and who provide the essential South African hunting experience.

7 Day Free State hunting safari @ $5,450 includes Kudu, Gemsbok, Impala, Springbok & Duiker - PLUS one observer is included in the price as well as - 2 bonus animals, a female Kudu and female impala - this is an ideal father son hunt set in the serengeti-like northern Free State.

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7 Day Plains game package @ US $ 3 500 - 2x1 or US $ 3 975 - 1x1

Location: Northwestern Free state province in district of Hoopstad town, +- 4-and a half hours drive from airport. 2 000ha (4 900acres) Northern Cape serengeti type bushveld terrain, large camelthorn trees, shrubs and grass savannah. Similar to 3* accommodation with en-suite facilities.

1 Black wildebeest, 1 Blesbok (common), 1 Springbok (common), 1 Warthog per hunter, 1 Steenbuck OR 1 Duiker

Other game species like Kudu, Gemsbok (Oryx),Red Hartebeest, Nyala, Tsessebe, Zebra, Ostrich, Blesbuck (white), Impala, Eland, Nyala, Sable , White rhino, Cape Buffalo on property. Other species such as Springbuck (white) and (black) available about 1-and a half hours drive away.

Non hunting observer/companion - US $ 125 per person, per day

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7 Day plains antelope + game bird hunting - US $ 3 500 - 2x1 and US $ 3 975 - 1x1

Location: Bird hunts in northern and central parts of Freestate province over cultivated farmland where grains (sunflower, corn, alfalfa and wheat) are grown.

Location: Plainsgame hunting in northwestern Freestate province, in district of Hoopstad town, +- 4 and a half hours drive from airport. 2 000ha (4 900acres) Northern Cape type bushveld terrain, large camelthorn trees, shrubs and grass savannah. 3 star Accommodation with en-suite facilities.

3 Day bird hunts combined with plains game - Bird season is from 1 May - through to end August - 1 Day pigeon shooting - 1 Day Upland birds, Guinea fowl - 1 Day Waterfowl

Remaining 4 days hunting of: 1 Blesbok (common), 1 Impala & 1 Springbok (common) per hunter.

Non hunting observer/companion - US $ 125 per person per day.

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Kwazulu-Natal Plains game package - 7 hunting days/8 nights - US $ 3 700 2x1 - US $ 4 000 1x1

Location: Northern KwaZulu Natal province, 30 000ha (74 250 acres), hunting 7 000ha (17 325 acres) of northern section, next to Lake Jozini 12 000ha (29 700 acres) of lake.+- 5 hours drive from Johannesburg airport or 2 hours drive away from coastal town of Richards bay airport. Densely grown, steep hills, valleys, creeks and some open plains. Large trees, thorn shrubs and grass terrain. Typical bushveld. Accommodation in bush lodge. En-suite facilities.

1 Blue wildebeest bull per hunter, 2 Impala per hunter, 1 Warthog OR Duiker OR Steenbuck per hunter PLUS 1 x Afternoon Sunset booze cruise boat ride on Lake Jozini .

Other game species like Cape Buffalo, Hippo, White rhino, Crocs, Kudu, Waterbuck, Nyala, Zebra, Giraffe, Mountain Reedbuck, Ostrich, Red Duiker and Bushpig on property.

Non-hunting observer US $ 180 per person per day, excl. additional activities such as boat rides, game drives, white rhino tracking.

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Trophy Nyala Safari - 7 hunting days/8nights, US $ 6 450 - 2x1 and US $ 6 850 - 1x1

Location: Southern KwaZulu Natal province, about 2 hours drive away from Durban airport. 3 500ha (8 663acre) inside the greater 80 000ha (198 000 acre) Umkomaas Valley Conservation Area. Rocky hills, acacia trees, shrub and grass, riverine forest, Umkomaas River flowing through property. Accommodation in bush lodge. En-suite facilities.

1 Nyala bull, 1 Bushbuck, 1 Impala, 1 Blesbuck, 1 Warthog OR Duiker

Other game species: Kudu, Bush pig, Blue duiker; Common reedbuck, Blue wildebeest and Zebra - others one and a half hours travel away in the foothills of the magnificent southern Drakensberg Mountains: Black wildebeest, Eland (cape); Vaal rhebuck; Waterbuck (common) and Mountain reedbuck.

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OK, hope you like these awesomely good deals for 2010 - email me if you need to know any further information or are interested in any of these hunts

Pete Swanepoel jnr

Kudu hunt

Nyala hunt

hunt warthog

hunt Gemsbok oryx


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