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2010 Hunt Roundup!

OK, each year I tend to do this after I have visited the conventions, the big glittery ones where the big boys have their fancy booths with video's of themselves staring down an irate elephant. As a rule I sell hunts in Zambia - this is my home country, I know it and I can put my clients onto what they want.

However in 2009 I got a phone call from my wife, shortly after I had arrived in Zambia to start my hunting season - we were pregnant! After the emotions had worn off I realized that what I was doing out here in Zambia, the work that I have loved for over 2 decades was probably going to come to an end and what would I do in a cold and snowy Denver with a yelping rugrat at my feet!

Those of you who have hunted with me know that I'm not a booking agent - I sell hunts and I guarantee that you'll hunt with me - that's just how I believe things should be and it has pained me greatly to convince myself that I should become what I have never wanted to from day one - a booking agent for Africa.

So here's my resolution - this is probably my last hunting year - for a while at least and I need to get my fill of the places I have come to see as the true Africa, those place that I know I'll miss and those animals that I know I'll dream about pursuing whenever I hear their names. Hell I'll probably even start watching those international professional hunter dvd's and salivate at the footage of Mr black death whacking a buffalo.

I also realize we're stuck in a poor economy so it difficult for you to justify coming to Africa so I have tried to lower the prices I have on hunts down to their limit and I have tried to offer more value than you'd normally get on a traditional modern day safari.

So here goes, some of my favorite hunts in Zambia which I know will strike at my longing next year and I need to get them done now!

2x1 SITATUNGA - Zambia's best deal for 2010

I will not repeat this price on Sitatunga hunts, neither will you get the opportunity to hunt this special antelope over such a long period in this manner with any other Zambian operator - the Safari is without a doubt one of the most true African hunting experiences you'll ever have - AND I guarantee to be the PH!

7, 10 OR 14 day Sitatunga hunt in Zambia's vast Bangweulu swamps, the ideal habitat for this elusive spiral horned antelope.

The hunt is all inclusive - and I meant it - you decide whether you want 7, 10 or 14 days - the price remains the same except you may want to fly in instead of the drive to and from the swamps - then you'll need a charter.

All else is included - the sitatunga trophy fee, all government licenses and permits, rifle import fee, dip and pack for trophies, road transport in and out of Bangweulu - ALL IN! no one else offers you this type of deal - the only thing is it is on a 2x1 basis!

2x1 price - 7,10 or 14 days - $11,900

1x1 price - 7,10 or 14 days - $14,900


Sitatunga Hunt in Bangweulu

Sitatunga Hunt

Add the endemic Black Lechwe, Tsessebe, Oribi and Reedbuck to this hunt at regular trophy fees - also available as an additional 2 day side trip is the other largest of lechwes - the Kafue Lechwe!

2x1 Buffalo Safari - Zambia's best Buffalo in 2010

This is a working Buffalo hunt - it is not for the feint hearted nor can you expect to sit around and shoot a buffalo from the vehicle - it requires hard work and much walking up and down hills in a day - BUT it is a proper buffalo hunt and you'll be successful if you put in the work.

7 day Buffalo hunt on a 2x1 basis - $12,850

7 day Buffalo hunt on a 1x1 basis - $14,950

The hunt is all inclusive - and I meant it - the Buffalo trophy fee, all government licenses and permits, rifle import fee, dip and pack for trophies, flight in and out of the area - ALL IN! no one else offers you this type of deal!

Prime Buffalo hunting blocks are also available at slightly higher rates.


Buffalo hunt in Africa


If this is not a good enough deal then stop trying to look for a reasonable Lion hunt - 18 days at regular plainsgame prices for Lion. If you are successful then you pay the full Lion hunt price which isn't high either especially considering what you are likely to get.

The Lion hunt starts at $21,600 for the plainsgame rates over 18 days and then totals out to $48,000 all inclusive when you shoot the Lion - other species available are Leopard, Sable, Eland, Hartebeest, Hippo, Crocodile and all the smaller plains animals.

In addition you could also opt to take an Elephant instead of a Lion if you bump into a big boy while hunting (or you can take both) - you can realistically expect anything in the 60lbs and above class with very attractive rates - Total Elephant price would be $39,000 all inclusive for the 18 days and the trophy fee (that's the upgraded price but you hunt on plainsgame rates to start with until you get the Elephant)

The areas have produced black maned Lion and excellent Leopard, Sable and other plainsgame.


Hunt Lion in Africa

So till it's time to instill within my son the joy of hunting and growing up in the Zambian bush, this is probably my last year of professional hunting for a while - why not join me on one of these great trips?

Pete Swanepoel jnr


Maneating crocodile hunt


Looking for Crocodile & Hippo? - Check out this unique hunt on the mighty Zambezi aboard a floating barge - you get to shoot 4 man eating crocodiles!

8 day 2x1 hunt is $ 9,900 inclusive of 4 Croc's (you are allowed to keep one as a trophy), barge accommodation and meals, transport to and from Barge, PH, all licenses, staff etc.


EMAIL for full details

2010 Roan Safari Hunts - classic Roan hunts in Zambia - be the first to hunt with us in new uncharted wilderness where we have seen herds of Roan that number 30 plus - 10 day hunts starting at $14,500 all inclusive of trophy fee and all hunt fees.

Kudu Hunt in South Africa

Check out these South African Safari hunt deals for 2010 - great Kudu, Gemsbok, Eland and all other plainsgame

$5,800 for 7 days inclusive of 5 animals




email with your personal hunt requirements



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