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2010 Hunting WISH list!

Just to be sure you have a handle on all the hunting I have available for 2010 - here's the lowdown


I know I've been on about MOZAMBIQUE but the Lion safaris here are the best value you'll get - based in the Tete province where an In dependant Lion status report found that Lion are sighted on a weekly basis by local villagers, this is a classical safari in untamed Africa - no fences and the real deal. The area also offers excellent Roan, Sable, Hippo, Crocodile and for non US hunters big Elephant at very favorable prices.


18 Day Lion safari ALL in price - $45,000 inclusive of trophy fee

10 Day Roan and plainsgame - $ 16,000 inclusive of trophy fee

Contact me for more details


ZAMBIA remains one of the top hunting countries for 2010 with a great selection of dangerous game and some specials unique to the country. Of late I have focused on private hunting land as opposed to government concessions and have achieved some excellent results.

I now have two prime private reserves, one which you read about last week and NOW another in the great Luangwa valley offering some good hunting deals


10 Day Buffalo, Hippo, Crocodile ALL in price - $24,700 inclusive of trophy fees for all three species

10 Day Roan and Buffalo - $ 26,600 inclusive of trophy fees for both species

Contact me for more details

Checkout our other property prices here - DOWNLOAD

Also in Zambia don't forget

- the excellent Sitatunga and black Lechwe hunts we have available for next year - CHECK OUT PRICES HERE

- AND of course who will ever tire of the good old Cape Buffalo hunt - check out our prices for 2010 - they are unchanged from last year



Many consider traveling beyond the equator as unsafe and troublesome yet this part of the continent holds some of our most treasured trophy species - yes it is more expensive than a typical classical safari but then you have to remember that these are above average animals and in today's hunting world, in great demand.

Often described as the ultimate hunt! - A good PH friend of mine has one of the best Giant Eland hunting areas in the Central Africa Republic - 100 percent success over the last three years. Added to this, the area is completely safe with no boundary to Chad where armed poachers are frequent.



When Zambia closed up shop and the politicians and their cronies were scheming UP ways to take over all hunting there, a few of us PH's moved to the south - where the other men of steel wouldn't dare go in fear of risking their iron status.

YES I admit it, I hunted in South Africa, that land of fenced in hunting and a million PH's all around AND IT WAS DAMN GREAT!

Sure I hunted on game ranches and at first my prejudice prevailed until I found myself sitting atop a mist covered peak in my tiny Zambian shorts and sandals freezing my ass off waiting for an insignificant little critter with a wooly coat and a thousand yard eyesight to appear - I was hunting Vaal Rhebok - and I must say it kicked my butt more than any wounded buffalo had ever done!

Hunting in this country is not about the fences, you need to approach it with the right attitude and you will never have as much fun anywhere else - it is simply a great hunting destination which is within the reach of everyone.

I have some very affordable hunts for the prime species - Kudu and Gemsbok - and then full country safaris where you get to see the whole damn lot and if you want shoot them all! I found that the best kind of trip was a leisurely 2-3 week sojourn through the country from north to south taking in the best sights and hunting opportunities along the way - it is a great family trip or for a group of hunting buddies looking to have a ball!

In 2010 I plan to revisit my old stomping grounds - it will be a trip from Cape Town through the Free State to Johannesburg and then onwards to Natal OR the other way round? - hunting is the focus but having fun is also right up there - anyone care to join this trip let me know - EMAIL

Check out our KUDU / GEMSBOK SAFARI RATES HERE or CONTACT ME by email for an idea of what is available on a 3 week trip to SA.

Hunt in Zambia with the top PH's

Munyamadzi's men of steel - Pete & Thor


Hunt Lion in Africa

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed

(from INVICTUS by William Earnest Henley)

Hunt Roan in Zambia

Zambia has the best Roan left in Africa!

Giant Eland hunt in CAR

Giant Eland - Africa's best plainsgame safari!




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