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SAFARIBWANA is ALL about hunting in Africa and covers African Safari Hunting down to the last detail. WE are PH's ourselves - we sell our own hunts - we sell for selected others too - BUT our greatest asset is our honesty and up front information to you - SERIOUSLY, we provide unbiased hunting information which allows you to make the best hunting decision for your hunt in Africa.

Hate emails & thieving neighbors!

"My eight year old daughter stumbled upon your site while doing an assignment for school. I noticed she started to cry looking at your photos. I had to explain how rich folks use your site to kill animals for sport, pleasure....for fun. She asked, do they eat lion meat? I said (truthfully) "no, they do it for kicks" and as I told her this, her crying got worse.
I thought I might share this story with you. I doubt you have a conscience since you profit from killing beautiful animals, but it was worth my time I guess."

Over the past 10 years I have had my fair share of hate emails, a couple of foul mouthed drunk dialers telling me off in no uncertain terms and a whole batch of calls for Jihad on my family and unborn children. The number of times I have supposedly had to watch my back because an ex desert storm sniper was after my blood for killing lions or leopards is insurmountable - you simply learn to live with it.

Of course I hate making kids cry, I have two nieces who adore the lion king and simba and both my wife and I have carefully skirted the issue of what 'uncle Pete' does when he goes back to Africa. It is not that they'll suddenly realize one day that I am the reason why lions are extinct, it is just not the right age to try and explain to a kid the complicated and intricate business that is called trophy hunting, it's not as simple as can you eat it or not. There are too many variables involved which are difficult, even for adults to understand, so it may be best kids form their own opinion as long as they get balanced facts.

Zambian drummers

Yet recently, because my website ranks pretty high up in google for some non hunting related terms, I have had a barrage of hate mail. This week I share with you some of these because they are quite funny and I must admit, I am still working on the story I intended to publish this week - it has become more than I thought it would.

Then I also share with you some information about thieves from South Africa - not the ones you read about all the time, those hijacking cars and shooting farmers as they sleep. No this is a more silent type of crime, yet one which remains an infringement - it is punishable by law but the heartache and frustration involved in trying to bring these guys to book is just too much. It has to do with PLAGIARISM and COPYWRITE THEFT and some PH's and Outfitters from South Africa.

For those of you who are regular readers of this newsletter, it is clear that I have a fondness for writing and some say I'm pretty good at it. I started this website back when the internet was young, I was one of the first to give clear concise information about Hunting in Africa - free of charge! So when someone takes something I have created, my life's work so to speak, and tries to pretend it is theirs, I get kind of pissed off. It confirms the belief that I have held about many South African PH's (NOT ALL SA PH's just some) - they are for the most part inexperienced and cannot help themselves at being dishonest in their attempts at gaining business.

In South Africa a common situation exists, if you shake a tree, a couple of PH's are bound to fall out and immediately claim they have as much experience if not more than you do! I get tired of this, there are so many of these wannabe's plying their trade across the continent who actually have absolutely no idea what it means to truly hunt a lion, or a leopard, or a buffalo, or an elephant.

Now, I understand that with the internet being the monster that it is, the laws of copywrite tend to be null and void, it is something which I have tried to remedy BUT in the end it only ends up frustrating the hell out of me, sending my blood pressure through the roof. Any infringement I have discovered by US owned website's or operators has immediately been rectified and most hastily apologized for - it is those who come from my own continent who are the real thieves - in particular the South Africans (Again I reiterate not all South African PH's and operators are like this, it is only a few).

The only remedy I have is to reveal who these transgressors are - mostly for my own satisfaction - BUT also it does say a few things about a person or organization:

  • If they are prepared to illegally lift information and then blatantly disregard warnings and threats which point out their thieving activity then do you as a client really want to be dealing with them? If they engage in this type of activity, what will they treat you like when something on your hunt goes bad OR do you even want to send a deposit to this kind of person or outfitter?
  • It also goes a long way in telling you about their pedigree and experience - you see, when I write about the hunting of lion and leopard and elephant and buffalo and all the other species I have had the privilege to pursue, this is based upon my own personal experience - I have not lifted it from another website or a book, I have learned about these beasts in the typical hunting manner - experience. Those who have taken my work can't have much experience in the hunting of these beasts, in other words it is a red flag to their inexperience as an African outfitter or operator. This is very true for South African outfitters and PH's because they do not have much big 5 experience and this is the stuff most often stolen from our website.
  • It also shows you how stupid these people are - do they seriously think that this will go unnoticed OR does it perhaps point to a fact that they simply don't care - something which may exist throughout their hunting services, operations and code of ethics.


Hennie Viljoen aka Hennie Viljoen Africa Hunting Safaris aka HennieV - this guy has been posting, what he passes as his own experience and advice, on many Hunting Forum website's, direct and unauthorized copies of SafariBwana's content. He pretends our accounts of how to hunt Buffalo and Elephant are actually his own experiences - poor fellow, I pity the day when he is faced by an angry buffalo or leopard! Fortunately all the US based sites have been most accommodating in removing our information - it is just the South African sites who ignore our requests. BIG A-hole!

KUKUZAN'S Hunting Safaris & Tours - these guys have more or less copied word for word many sections of the SafariBwana website, passing it off as their own and even using our maps. Despite being South African they have had to copy our write ups and information on this country - they can't even come up with their own original stuff about their own country! A-holes!

Hunt in Africa aka - I've had run in's with these guys before, seems they didn't listen - their whole section on "Hunting the Big 6 in Southern Africa" is a direct copy from In addition their section on "Hunting in South Africa" is a direct copy of our work! A-holes!



How can you talk about "ethics" and "values" when you facilitate the murder of all of these beautiful animals? You know there are not sustainable populations and it is people like you that will cause our grandchildren to never see these animals in the wilds of Africa because they will only exist in zoos. What kind of trophy is it to enter the world of an elephant and shoot it with a gun? What a hero you must be. How difficult it is to pull a trigger. What shortcomings must you be making up for? I hope your business fails or you and Molly get eaten by a lion.


Fuck you for hunting elephants as a sport. You are disgusting masses of flesh disguised as human beings if this is something you actually take joy, pleasure, and pride from. I wish there was some alternate universe where endangered species were able to hunt you just for fun so that you could have a chance to experience what you do to other creatures. You could, one day, be responsible for the extinction of one of the most beautiful creatures on this planet. If only the world could push people like you towards extinction instead. Take a long hard look at what you are doing and what you are advertising on your website. Take some time to feel the shame of your actions, then put an end to them.


To whom it may concern: Is it true that the portrayed douches try to make up what they are lacking in the penis department by killing helpless animals? How is killing an animal using advanced weapons in any shape or form praiseworthy? You white boys buy yourself a gun, shoot an animal, and think you've accomplished something. On the website, you describe your measly hope-this-makes-me-look-tough adventures as something next-to-impossible. You don't face the same obstacles as the natives did (and still do) decades ago. For someone with a spear or an arrow, killing such a large animal for survival was a notable event. For you white pussies shooting with a gun, this is just an excuse for a cheap thrill because apparently you can't thrill in bed. Best Regards.


You sick people!
I hope some day you will be hunted down in the same way you hunt on innocent FREE animals. Who the hell are you to disturb their lives? You dont belong in this world, you should never have been born at all. When you die may you rot in hell for your sick minds and perverted behaviour. Fuck you.


Apparently you "big boys" have NO BALLS! You think it makes you a "big man" to kill helpless creatures who are already in danger? Believe me I'd LOVE to shoot you and hang your sorry head on MY wall to laugh at! There's a SPECIAL PLACE in HELL for people like you! I CAN'T WAIT until your "sport" is OUTLAWED!!! I'll be sending your barbaric website to the 1000+ friends on my animal rights support list and hope they GIVE YOU HELL!!! YOU ARE A LOSER AND A DISGRACE TO ALL DECENT HUMAN BEINGS! I HOPE YOU GET EATEN BY A WILD ANIMAL!!!




Oh my god are you stupid Hunting Africa's wildlife is cruel how about you run out there and let a buffalo or a Poor Elephant shoot you for body parts huh how about i hang your head on the wall hunting elephants is Illegal and so is hunting lions you nimrods if I ever hear any more poaching going on in africa and one of the people is from your site I'll Become a poacher and hunt YOU


You fucking bastards! I come from a family of hunters and have no problem with people hunting deer, moose, fowl, etc with the pretece of eating the creature and showing it some respect. I even enjoy shooting racoons with a pellet gun in my yard when they get into garbage. But think about how few lions are left in the wild! Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, and all big cats are rapidly declining cuz of morons like your Safariwana. And its almost always  annoying fuckin white South Africans or stupid fat Americans. These animals are the last of prehistoric felines. It took these beautiful animals millions of years to evolve, and people like you kill them for their furs or other personal gain.  I would love to shoot a lion hunter and hang its pale or ****** face on my wall with pride. I hope someone shoots you. You guys should be trying to conserve the lion instead of kill it.


Stop killing animals !!!!  or hunt them barehand, no guns, to see how tough you are. Little faggs, you people have no balls, If I had the chance, I would love to hunt you and your family down. Just like you do with poor  animals. You make me sick FREAKS!!!!!


please answer me 1 question - how can you make a living out of killing these animals? Doesnt that play on your concious? Your poor sad individual, of all the things one can do with a precious gift of life, you spend your killing innocent animals? Your mother must be so proud of you

OK, that's it for this week! Tot Siens!


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African mask - Zambia


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