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SAFARIBWANA is ALL about hunting in Africa and covers African Safari Hunting down to the last detail. WE are PH's ourselves - we sell our own hunts - we sell for selected others too - BUT our greatest asset is our honesty and up front information to you - SERIOUSLY, we provide unbiased hunting information which allows you to make the best hunting decision for your hunt in Africa.

How not to follow a wounded leopard!

The pursuit of Africa's great cats is exhilarating, it is humbling, it is emotional and it can be extremely dangerous. Lion possess the power to to snap your neck or any other part of your body with a simple bite, they pull down belligerent buffalo bulls and have the nerve to start eating them while they are still alive.

The African Leopard however is a totally different feline, they are cunning, they are invisible, they posses great strength - proportionately more than the lion - and they have the senses, not only their smell and hearing, but also an inbuilt ability to perceive danger. They seem to posses human traits - cunning, sly, curious, plotting, vindictive - these are all the things you get from simply spending 2 weeks in pursuit of this magnificent creature.

African Leopard


In my mind Lion are the men of the cat world - they are big and strong, they smell terrible, they're always loud and self important, they bully and kill all around them and when wounded they come at you in loud aggressive bursts which you have to deal with.

Leopard however are the women, they are always calm and quiet - almost introvert - they spend more time grooming and rather avoid confrontation than take it head on - BUT do something to piss them off, and you're dealing with a different monster. They'll plan their means of attack, they'll even let you get away with it a few times before they bring hell down on you and you will know, usually only a split second before. They also don't aim to destroy you, rather their plan is prolonged suffering and while they will leave you with painful surface wounds, it is always the deeper scars, those within your heart, your soul and that place where ego's presided that cause the most pain and suffering.

I was sitting at a popular road side pit stop , the Forest Inn, on the western end of Zambia's great north road taking in a few cold Mosi's after a nerve wracking and tense lion hunt. This was the regular overnight spot for those PH's who live on beans - the ones that make their living the old way and still drive their vehicles between concessions - and I was not breaking this camp until the Mosi's were finished and the sun was up? The great north road had taken it's fair share of lives since it was first built back in the 60's and I had no intention of being one of them, even if I was only 4 hours from Lusaka and home. However it was Eddie, my driver who shattered the ideal post safari moment with his cellphone, someone was asking for me as I had mine turned off - if they were calling him it was urgent I guessed, so I took the call staring at my half empty glass longingly.

These days I tend to work only for myself, I sell hunts, I do them, I drink beer afterwards and if anyone objects I tell them where to put it. It works out OK for a PH bum like me, I tend to stick to the old ways and haven't cared much for the new fandangled methods and manners I see PH's offer these days. That is not to say I'm past my prime, far from it and I guess a reason why I have never been in the diamond class of PH's - those hard men of steel you regularly see on the top US hunting network shows taking down charging elephants, cigar in mouth and narrating to the camera as the elephant bears down on them. They are the Goldenball Brigade (GB's) of this industry, all with those mandatory cut off vests and the heavy double guns slung over their shoulder and fancy awards to their names like a string of medals.

Now how could I miss out on a chance like this, the caller was telling me, to walk amongst the elite and fraternize with the stars of your industry, it can only go one way from here you see and to top it all, you Zambian PH's could learn a thing or two from these guys!

NO I thought to myself, I could not let this one go, and said OK I'll do it, I had to join the GB ranks and see for myself if I compared, if I even came close to the tremendous prowess of these real life African PH's and their golden assets and magnificent manes of flowing hair. Thankfully Eddie was there, after all that's why I employ him, and after a quick negotiation with the bar lady, we drove off into a setting sun, me with a cooler of Mosi to make sure Eddie kept between the white lines.


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This price for Sitatunga will never be repeated again - I've been hunting the Bangweulu swamp for 10 years with 100 percent success on this style of safari which is reminicent of the traditional walking safaris of old.

A true hunt, no fancy lodges or 5 star meals - we eat what we shoot, camp beneath the stars in remote Africa - moving along the swamp edges and far into the interior where no other hunters venture.

Hunting the Bangweulu is a specialised affair as you only get a few species on license - Black Lechwe, Tsessebe, Oribi, common Reedbuck - that's all and you can select which ones you'd like to shoot.

10 Day rough hunt

2x1 - 6,900 per hunter

1x1 - $7,900 per hunter

Bangweulu Trophy Fees: Sitatunga - $3,300, Black Lechwe - $2500, Tsessebe - $1950, Oribi - $310, common Reedbuck - $570

Extra's: Trophy fees, Dip and Pack approx. $1400 per client, accomodation before and after arrival in hunting area, gratuities for staff approx. $700, visa and duty on ammunition approx. $335, clients to bring some of their own camping gear.

email me now for more info or call Pete @ 720-277 1920



Carrying Sitatunga

7 day Roan and plainsgame safari - 1x1 or 2x1 -

$ 8,900

This is the cheapest fair chase Roan safari you'll find in Zambia, based on private unfenced land in the luangwa valley with an excellent population of these scarce animals.

On this hunt you can take any of the trophy species listed below, no restrictions, just the trophy fees

Extra's - Transportation in and out is by road, so no fees there - Trophy fees, Dip & Pack ( approx $1400), gratuities for camp staff (approx $700), Visa's ($135) and duty on ammo (approx $200), accomodation before and after safari dates.

Trophy Fees: Roan antelope $5,800 - Buffalo $2,000 - Bushbuck $700 - Civet $800 - Crocodile $2,300 - Duiker $450 - Eland $3,000 Sharps Grysbok $750 - Hartebeest $1,200 - Hippopotamus $2,500 - Hyena $700 - Impala $300 - Klipspringer $450 - Kudu $2,100 - Puku $750 - Warthog $600 - Waterbuck $1,800

email me now for more info or call Pete @ 720-277 1920


Roan antelope

Africa Wingshooting - the continent holds a great variety of wingshooting opportunities - be it upland style shoots with dogs or traditional driven shoots OR African waterfowl over a great diversity of species and habitats - African wingshooting is not to be missed.

EVERYTHING you need to know about Africa's hunting countries: special deals and offers, what to hunt, how to book a safari , essential information, do's and don'ts, outfitter and PH contact lists and much more

Your best guide to the GOOD, BAD & UGLY of Africa! What African trophies to hunt - habits, hunting tips, hunting regions and hunting calibers PLUS great pictures and shot placement advice!

Here's what the African professional hunters use and rely on, day in and out. YOUR GUIDE to really useful African safari hunting gear AND what you should leave behind.

Controversial, tongue in cheek, downright to the point opinions from PH's and outfitters about a safari hunt in Africa - GREAT HUNTING DEALS - LAST MINUTE SAFARI's - ADVICE AND HUMOR!

GREAT TROPHY PICTURES of AFRICAN ANIMALS - our library of species taken over the last decade - a great idea of what to look for when deciding on a trophy animal to hunt!



We have for sale our personal collection of authentic, non reproduction African masks from all over Zambia - typically used in ceremonial rites of passage and other traditional activities.

Also part of the collection: traditional African daggers and swords, chiefs chairs African cloth and African drums. EMAIL for more information and pictures


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