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Africa remains the ultimate hunting destination, drawing on our adventurous spirit as hunters from the earliest of ages - we cannot shake the visions of pursuing the great beasts of the savanna's & forests. HEREWITH starts a collection of stories, facts, fictions, history and memorabilia about AFRICA - as I see it!


Of Africa's greatest recorded man-eaters, Chiengi Charlie ranks 5th numbers-wise and in Zambia he is definitly the most colorful character - often endowed with the magical spiritual powers of transformation. In Zambia's Northern Province, the one next to Chiengi Chalrie's, the Mporokoso Pride are said to have been responsible for over 1000 deaths and took 10 years to control. The Mporokoso pride may have learned their man-eating behavior over the decades from finding the bodies of slaves who had died here on the long march to the ocean, yet the story of Chiengi Charlie is one of mischief, superstition and extreme luck!

the above story is copywrite to The Northern Rhodesia Journal

Black maned Lion


It is no secret that Africa is the oldest and most stable landmass on the planet dating back 3,600 million years, a reason why perhaps so much has originated in and from this continent. The entire continent has remained unchanged for at least 300 million years a fact which points to the origins of complicated or advanced lifeforms from which all life on earth stems.

Africa is the planet's second largest continent with the United States, China, India and New Zealand all able to fit within her boundaries with room to spare. The continent stretches 7000 kms from Cape to Cairo, north – south and roughly the same distance across at it's widest point.

Africa is the world's least populated continent – there are more people living in India, one tenth the size, than in all of Africa. Holding around 22 percent of the earth's surface, Africa has remained a sleeping giant through much of time.

All of humanity originate out of Africa - 300 million years ago dawned an evolutionary process resulting in modern man – 3 sets of bipedal footprints preserved in rock in east Africa - went on to what we today call man. Recent genetic evidence points to an African Eve from which all humans outside of Africa share a common ancestry.

10,000 generations had come and gone since mankind made the first leap out of Africa leaving no sense of returning home to mother Africa to the first colonizing Europeans – Africa was new to them although the continent and it's people had remained constant and typically unchanged since the 'explorers' had left. To the 'world' Africa was a new discovery – no one told this to the African's, much had remained the same here for generations, for eternity.


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