Rod Janz - Canada: My brother was on a limited budget. You could tell that Pete was concerned that there might be some extra fees from this ranch. In the end we had no hidden fees at all. In fact we were given extra stuff. Pete really looked after us . He was upfront with us. He really tried to save us money where he could. I have hunted all over the world and shot almost everything. Zambia is great. You will get the feel of old Africa . These animals are wild and big. Pete is very organized a great guy and a straight shooter. He will give you a great hunt. I highly recommend him. Any other questions please feel free to contact me.
Kinsey & Mona Robinson - Washington, DC: First of all, Pete and the members of his family are known as the very best hunters in Africa today.  My wife Mona and I have hunted with Pete on several occasions.  We have hunted dangerous game in Zambia , plains game in RSA and separately game birds in Zambia and RSA.  All of our hunts with Pete have been outstanding.  As an example, in Zambia we took a very large male leopard, a 42 inch buffalo, a 43 inch sable and some other exceptional plains game trophies while hunting north of the Kafue .  I will sum up our RSA trip with the fact that Mona took the women's world record cape kudu and numerous of quality trophies.  This hunt took place in Natal and the Eastern Cape .  We have not failed to take any animals that were on our list at the beginning of a hunt.  Pete runs a good camp and relates very well to the native personnel.  Food and acommodation have always been first cabin.  Pete is a pleasure to hunt with - he is one of the top-notch PH's in Africa , who inspires confidence in his clients and he is a natural conversationalist, well versed in the history and geographics of the continent.  All fees were stated up front.

Simon Hall - UK : Just a brief note of appreciation in respect of my recent safari trip. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole safari: the hunting was excellent, the locality perfect, the food and lodging spot on and the company great. I could not have asked for more. Thanks for all your effort and application, which was much appreciated.
I went hunting with Pete Swanepoel of Safaribwana in Zambia last year. With Pete you get what you see: no fancy equipment or pretensions, just a guy in scruffy clothes with a rifle that looks as if it could tell a few tales if it could speak. If you want to avoid hunting with a PH who spends more time in front of the mirror than in the bush, posing in cut-off sleeves, and instead want a high quality safari experience then Pete has my recommendation. He has real bush knowledge (as opposed to borrowed knowledge), a passion for Africa, a strong work ethic and, when the going gets tough, he is utterly fearless.

Werner Faehrmann - Germany: I want to express again my thanks for all, that You have done to make this hunt an agreable and successful one. I tell You again, that in my view You are a sensitive person and a PH with style, who differs from most other PHs as far as I can see it.

Andy Purvis, UK
Being fortunate enough at the age of 46 to have hunted Zimbabwe five times as well Mozambique twice, Tanzania and Namibia, I had have a dream to hunt a mature male Lion. After careful consideration I focused on Zambia and booked 21 days with Pete’s company SafariBwana. The hunt turned out to be one of my best experiences... Pete was great company as well as a professional and experienced guide. The game, accommodation, food, staff, arrival and departure organisation was all above my expectations. We achieved 100% on my trophies with a fair chase hunt which is no short measure with Lion, Roan, Buffalo and Sitatunga on the list - we even had time to catch a fish, shoot a bird and drink a beer or two for good measure. The only thing that I didn't realise was that Sitatunga hunting in June had been considered by a Japanese TV company for an endurance competition - you will get frozen , boiled and eaten alive by the bugs! If you want a Sitatunga, you will have to work and it's not really an observer's idea of fun ! I now look forward to the next time I can join SafariBwana on tour again which I hope is soon.
Dan Thomas - Alaska, USA
I consider Pete an excellent hunter, host, companion and after hunting with him count him amongst my close friends. The trophy quality was better than I could possibly hope for, there were NO surprises (other than seeing a spitting cobra, which gave us all a start). My taxidermist was very happy with the quality of the capes, especially the eland which I shot on a very hot day and I understand are very difficult to take care of such that the hair doesn't slip. There were no hidden costs again, everything was exactly as Pete had described the hunt. I know several people who have hunted with Pete and everyone has the same thing to say about Pete.

Kevin Tabler - Alaska, USA
Pete is a wonderful source for sight-seeing and hunting. He is the perfect gentleman. My wife was very happy with our trip. We combined hunting with sightseeing. Pete takes care of all arrangements and is very dependable. He has a good grip on meeting client needs. I have recommended Pete to several Alaskans and he has not let me down. This was my 7th safari to Africa and I had been in South Africa in 1994, so I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. I was impressed with Pete's honesty and integrity. He didn't try to nickel and dime me and all costs were up front and in writing. Pete has access to many hunting areas. If he tells you there is a chance at the animals and the sizes you are after, I would bet that they or in the hunting area. Hunting is hunting. Just ask him and he will give it to you straight. I was after some of the more difficult animals to acquire. Pete, saw to it that I had an opportunity for each species I was after. Out of the five animals I took, the hunting god's were with me and two of them the Waterbuck and the Caracal were absolutely spectacular. My Bontebok was not bad either. I even took a Vervet Monkey and African Wild Cat. I can say without reservation, my experience and the experiences of the people that have followed, have been total satisfaction.

Mike Daley - California: I have hunted with Pete twice, once in the free State in South Africa and once in Zambia on a Game Ranch. Pete is about the easiest going guy you will meet.  We had a lot of fun on both trips. Pete is a great guy and will allow you some room to make decisions.  He is not pushy at all like some guys I have hunted with.  He knows his animals and good at judging quality.  I'm personally working with him right now planning my next hunt to Zambia this year Good luck and have a great time

Bob & Linda Coe - Kent, England
Thanks for a memorable and wonderful holiday. We still haven't stopped talking about it, to each other and our friends and family. We really enjoyed our stay in South Africa and our only regret is that it wasn't for longer. Thank you both for all your efforts to make it such a memorable experience. We will be coming back - just as soon as we can save the money. On a more personal note - PLEASE SEND BILTONG!!!!!!! Peters created a real addict. Thanks again guys. ....

I've now hunted twice with Pete in both South Africa and Zambia for approx 4 to 5 weeks on each occasion. Both occasions were both successful and highly enjoyable. My wife is a non-hunter and our trips must cater for her interests as well as mine (the actual hunting) - this aspect was more than adequately covered. I think the fact that Peter is present all the time you are on safari with him helps as well. As for hunting Zambia with Peter - I'm a lifelong Capstick fan and to hunt the Luanga Valley with Pete was a dream come true, and then to sit around a mopane camp fire shooting the breeze with someone who actually knew him; what more could I ask for? I think the fact that Peter is actually Zambian and he has a deep affection for his country can only be a plus in these situations. I presume you've seen the photo of the buffalo I took with Peter (in the trophy gallery and on the Zambia page of his website) and the greater Kudu I took. The Buffalo qualified for Roland Ward at 43.5 inches & the Kudu was 51 inches. On the same trip I also got a 27 inch Kafue Lechwe and several warthog.

Ian Parkin - Fingest, UK
Sincere thanks for pulling together a fantatic trip. The guys are all delighted with the whole experience.
Neil Chamberlain - Michigan, USA
Having had time to reflect on the trip over the last two months since my return from Zambia, I realize how truly fortunate I was not only to collect the trophies that I did, but the quality of the trophies. Overall this safari will certainly rate as my most memorable of those in Africa. I sincerely mean that, I loved every minute of it - dust, heat and all..

Kinsey & Mona Robinson - Washington DC, USA
I want to be careful not to take too much credit for being stealthy, because this is where our PH Pete Swanepoel demonstrated his hunting experience. He adeptly used the wind, terrain and his knowledge of the various habits of the individual species being hunted. I was amazed at the uncanny ability of Swanepoel and the trackers to spot hard to identify game at great distances, in the most inaccessible places...The only surprises in my hunt were pleasant. Costs were as quoted. Pete stayed involved in the trophy process until they were received in the States. I plan to hunt with Pete in the future, hopefully this year...

The only surpises in my hunt were pleasant. Costs were as quoted. Pete stayed nvolved in the trophy process until they were received in the states. I plan to hunt with Pete in the future, hopefully this year. As a testament to the quality of my hunt I have attached an article written for publication. 

Tom, Joyce & Matt Renck - Ohio, USA
Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful time we all had on our safari. We could not have asked for better personal service and the accommodations were outstanding! The hunt was awesome. I appreciate the time you took with Joyce on her first hunt. Looking forward to coming back very soon. We are recruiting friends to come with us the next time. Thanks again. Matt told our younger son Dennis that he missed out on a "the best" vacation by not coming with us. Looking forward to seeing you and Julia in January. Maybe we can play a few hands of cribbage again.
Bill & Peggy Smith, Mike & Susan Smith - South Carolina, USA
We surely enjoyed our stay in RSA and being with you folks. Thanks for showing us a trip of a lifetime. Looking forward to seeing you in January.
Brian Petersen - Alaska, USA
Thanks again for an excellent trip. Out of the four trips to Africa, yours was the best in spite of the weather. I don’t say this lightly...
Charlies & Charlie Williams - South Carolina, USA
Charlie and I had a wonderful time hunting with you in Africa. We really enjoyed getting to meet both of you and will always have great memories from this trip.

Miller Family - South Carolina, USA
A simple thank you will not suffice. Your kindness, patience and generosity were overwhelming. You helped create memories that will last a lifetime and stories that will be passed down to the next generation of Millers I am sure. It was an eye opening trip for myself also. The diversity of South Africa was a surprise. We all consider the trip, with all the ups and downs that make travel a real adventure, to have been a success. Pete, I appreciated discussing our philosophies on hunting during the trip. I believe we share a common appreciation of real hunting. I was disappointed that we did not catch up with that old kudu but would have traded all the kudu in the world for that opportunity to make a two hour stalk on those springbok with Laura, a memory both of us will always cherish. Thank you!  Julia it was great to meet you after all the e-mail back and forth. Thanks for showing us around Cape Town, we all enjoyed it! You both run a great operation and we would be glad for you to use us as references for any other South Carolinians who might inquire about your services. If you get back to the US sometime and are in our area you would always be welcome in our home! Take care and we will try to keep in touch with you from time to time.  Thanks again for a trip of a lifetime for the SC Family of Five! Sincerely - Ben

What can I say?!  South Africa is a beautiful country with its mountains, oceans and plains. I enjoyed seeing all of these and seeing the animals along the way. Thank you for taking the time (and energy) to show us South Africa. I enjoyed going along with the hunters to watch them get their animals, and see how stalking is done. Julia, thank you for showing us Cape Town. It is such a beautiful city and is so rich in history, cultures and scenery that it was wonderful to go around the town and view it. Thank you for taking us to see the penguins and the baboons on the road. We just love to see different animals. Thank you for taking us to the winery and watching us taste test the different wines. Everyone asks us how the trip was and we get going on all that we did and we can't stop talking!!!  These will be memories of a lifetime. Please come visit us whenever you come back to the states.  We would love to see you!  Hopefully, we can make it back to South Africa again and do  hunting and sightseeing all over again.Thank you again for all that you did for us...we will never forget the warm hospitality that you showed this SC Family of 5.  You are kind and understanding on the neophyte travelers. Thank you - Dorothy  

Mr. Pete, Thank you for a great time in South Africa. Thank you for helping me get my impala and springbok. Also, for taking us goose hunting. Mrs. Julia, Thank you for showing us around Cape Town. I had a  wonderful time and hope to see you again - Laura
Mr. Pete and Mrs. Julia, Thank you very much for showing me South Africa. Thank you for helping me get my blesbok and an Egyptian goose. I hope we can come back to South Africa again. Thanks again! - Benjamin
Mr. Pete, I just wanted to say thank you so much for tracking and finding a warthog for me. You don't know how much it meant to me. I enjoyed the whole trip - even the long car rides!  Hope you are feeling better too! Mrs. Julia, Thank you for showing us around Cape Town, it was a lot of fun! The city is beautiful! The penguins were great, I'm glad you took us to see them! Also, thanks a lot for finally getting Dad to get us some things to bring home! Thanks for everything! The experience was worth a lifetime - I will never forget it!  Hope to see you again! - Martha
Jan & Bardy Helwig - Texas, USA
Pete, I again want to thank you for the wonderful time you provided for us. We could not have asked for more. Every chance I get, I will recommend to my friends and clients to look you up for a true adventure where every detail is taken care of.
Robert & LaNelle Barber - South Carolina, USA
Thank you so very much Pete for all of the care and attention you gave us during our visit to South Africa. It was a truly wonderful experience that we will never forget. Hopefully, we can return some day.
Vicki Woodard - South Carolina, USA
You are a great guide. You are fun, giving, patient and you know your stuff. All the bed & breakfasts we stayed in along the coast were beautiful. I was so impressed and I enjoyed everything. I will never forget my experience, thanks to you.
Benita Spindel & Rob Wood & Maya - Canada
We just wanted to thank you both for everything you did to make our trip more enjoyable. You are very special people.
Adam Radolinsky - New York, USA
Thank you for showing us Cape Town in June. Barbara sends her regards. She still talks about good times we had in Cape Town.
Richard & Roberta Zielinsky - Washington, USA
Thanks for your service in showing us around. Say hello to your lovely wife for the both of us. If you feel like you want to go to Canada or Seattle come on up we have an extra room and you are more than welcome.
Allen family - South Carolina, USA
The Wildlife Expo in Charleston is coming up soon and we would love to see you. Our offer still stands, if you would like to stay at our condo.
Judy Norton & Randy Eledge - Alaska, USA
Thank-you for the great time in South Africa. You both are the greatest. I can't wait to extend some Alaskan hospitality to you.
Bruce & Sandy Lawrence - South Carolina, USA
Pete, thanks for everything - we had a wonderful holiday! You really made South Africa come alive for us.
Charlie & Jo Meyer - South Carolina, USA
Thanks for the insights to your country and allowing us to share in your life experiences. Your land is as varied as the people who live there. To give even a brief overview of all that we saw, felt, and experienced would take pages and as you already have learned I am somewhat limited in communications. Thanks again for giving us an experience that our friends will be tired of hearing about long before we are tired of telling it.
Monica Francis & Noel Perkins - South Carolina / Florida, USA
Loved Julia and wanted to keep up with your lastest adventures. Will try to talk my husband into coming! Come and visit us in SC, soon, Monica
media appearances
The Bird Hunting Report
February 2005, volume 17 no.2

A "Civilised" Upland Shoot With Safaribwana

Editors note: We've told you about some exciting wingshooting trips out in the African bush. Well, this month correspondent Kinsey M. Robinson reports on an operator who can put you into quantities of wild bird while offering the amenities and comforts of cosmopolitan civilisation. Here's his report.

Late last summer, my wife, Mona, and visited the Southern portion of the African continent where we had the good fortune to hunt guinea fowl, francolin, sand grouse and doves..Mona and I enjoyed this hunt immensely.... email us or read the full article at The Hunting Report

The Hunting Report
June 2004, volume 24 no.6
To end on a brighter note, we have not yet received much feedback on Zambia this year, but what we have heard is very good. Subscriber Mike Daley, for example, is very pleased with ranch hunt handled for him on a property near Lusaka called Chaminuka Game Reserve. His PH was Pete Swanepoel.... Daley took eight speices in three days and he gives high marks to the experience.... email us or read the full article at The Hunting Report,
Kinsey Robinson
SCI Hunt Report

Spiral-Horned Adventure SCI - Highest Scoring Cape Kudu Recorded by a Woman
Mona and I recently returned from the Republic of South Africa where we hunted with Pete Swanepoel of SafariBwawa in late September and early October. read more

The Evening Leader - Ohio, USA
September 2001

Original Hunter - written and researched by Pete Swanepoel jnr
In the early pink and yellow hues of dawn a shadow stirs, deadly silent, quick and alert. A small hunched figure glides effortlessly amidst the grass. With the last stubborn stars against a purple sky, he has long been on the trail of the herd, their heavy odour leading him along the path of trodden red sand. He knows their position ahead and quickens his pace darting from one acacia bush to the next, the light is coming fast, the heat will soon more

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