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Lion and the ESA listing by USFWS

The African Lion remains endangered throughout its existing range, primarily threatened by human, livestock and commercial encroachment resulting in less land for them to roam, hunt and survive.  This is the most critical threat to the survival of the African Lion - without secure range land where they can roam and hunt prey animals there can be no effort to save this magnificent predator. 

Land for Lions  seeks to provide alternative initiatives to securing and increasing total biodiversity protection through innovative methods of forest and wildlife management by ensuring community participation, acceptance and benefit. We are primarily a conservancy based land and wildlife preservation initiative adapted to conditions and issues encountered in and around the Protected Areas systems in Northern and Western Zambia.

Of the 62,000 Sqkms of National parks and 172,000 Sqkms of Game Management Areas declared as conservation zones, it is alarming to note that less than half of these areas are still intact and secure. Many of the smaller National Parks have been overrun and decimated while the GMA's have slowly eroded to a point of declassification as protected zones. To be sure, the policy governing Zambia's wildlife sector has not kept pace with an ever changing environment driven primarily by financial necessity as well as a surging human population.

The only future as we see it lies in identifying the remaining, undisturbed habitat and ecosystems which lie both within and outside of Zambia's Protected Area network, cold spots of biodiversity, AND doing our utmost to secure these lands on a private public partnership basis where all stakeholders can claim benefit.

The Land for Lions program is both internationally innovative and locally rooted recognizing the importance of keeping pace with environmental threats, developments and solutions while applying and adapting them to on the ground conditions and challenges. Participation is the cornerstone of our mission because we realize that despite differing opinions, emotions, philosophies and methods, for those who really care, the goal is the same - saving the African Lion.

Read more here about our Luangwa Lion Initiative aimed at establishing more land as protected areas for Lion to inhabit, under the private partnership and community based conservancy model.


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