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African Elephants are listed  both under Appendix I or II of CITES depending in which part of the continent they occur. At times their listing is rather confusing and is concerned more with actual commercial ivory sales (from legal culls) than with hunting trophies.

More information can be found at the US fish and wildlife website ( or at the SCI Washington DC website (

USA importing guidelines

USA import permits

Elephant Populations

Zimbabwe - +85,000
Botswana - +150,000
Namibia - +10,000
South Africa - +12,000

Zambia - +15,000

SCI minimum score
100lbs - weight of both tusks

SCI Virtual Record Book of big game

African Elephant - loxodonta africana - the worlds greatest of beasts

In theory the Elephant started it all, African hunting that is..... those great recounts of Selous, Burton, the Muirs in Nyasaland, even Livingstone, their travels into the vastness of an uncharted continent after the riches of ivory. They still linger in our memories and provoke that excitement we all feel when we think of Africa, toting a double rifle over your shoulder and taking on a beast the size of a London bus.

An Elephant bull with heavy ivory topping 100 pounds is considered by many as the ultimate African trophy and hunters dream of the day they can relive one of Africa's oldest hunting traditions. Despite their size, Elephants are worthy of their status and offer one of the most arduous challenges available today.

Botswana Elephant hunts are currently your best bet for an African Elephant bull topping the 60 pound plus mark - the country has incredible elephant numbers and offers hunting in great wilderness areas that harken back to the early days - in Botswana very little has changed when it comes to elephant hunting and you will not be disappointed.


12-14 Day trophy Elephant safaris in Botswana

Hunt in some of the BEST elephant hunting blocks in Botswana, on these late season elephant safari specials and deals with one of Botswana's longest standing and most reliable outfitters - Johan Calitz Safaris.

Johan has consistantly, over more than 10 years, boasted an ivory average on trophy elephant of between 61 - 63lbs and that Johan Calitz Safaris have a 100% success rate year after year.  Last year they shot over 70 elephant - a tall order!

They consistantly take big ivory out of all their areas and their many repeat clients are the best advertisment for their professionalism and service.  Clients must be careful not to compare apples with the many other peanuts on offer out there - these are truly world class elepahnt hunting safaris

Sankuyo (NG34) - 14 day safari for $37,900

The normal price of this safari is $47,900 - avalable dates are: 22 April - 7 May 2010 & 1 - 16 June 2010 - see below for what's included and what extra fees to expect!

Joverega (NG41) - 14 day safari for $37,900

The normal price of this safari is $47,900 - avalable dates are: 1 - 16 June 2010, 16 - 30 June 2010, 16 - 30 August 2010 - see below for what's included and what extra fees to expect!

Masame (NG42) - 14 day safari for $32,000

The normal price of this safari is $34,400 - avalable dates are: 22 April - 26 May - 8 June 2010, 22 June - 5 July 2010, 5 - 18 July 2010, 16 - 28 August 2010 - see below for what's included and what extra fees to expect!

7 - day management bulls - non trophy safari for $22,500

The normal price of this safari is $25,000 - for a maximum ivory weight of up to 44.5lbs

avalable dates are: 17 - 25 May 2010, 9 - 17 June 2010, 23 - 31 August 2010, 1 - 21 September 2010 - either first, middle or last 7 days of this period

clients must be prepared to share camp or be prepared to fly camp - see below for what's included and what extra fees to expect!

The small print:

All packages include daily rates, concession and community levies, elephant licence and trophy fee up to specified weight, 1 x gun permit and ground transport to camp and back to Maun.

It excludes travel/accommodation before/after the hunting dates, charters, observer fees, packing, dipping and shipping, plainsgame (which is very limited), side excursions and personal expenses incurred by the client.

As usual - $5,000 for every 10lbs or part thereof will be charged for ivory on trophy bulls in excess of 59.5lbs on the green weight.

Observers can be accommodated at $350 per person per day but numbers may be restricted in NG42 because clients have to share camp with another hunter/s.


Email me NOW for hunt availability

CALL PETE @ +1-720-277 1920 (Denver, CO)



The BEST HUNTING BUY you'll ever make!

This detailed country report tells you everything you need to know about Zambia's hunting scene.

Government restrictions & laws, hunting concession areas, who owns them, what species they are known for and current results for each area.

This kind of information has never been released anywhere else. It is accurate and up to date.

Selling at $40 this is the best buy you'll make all year considering a Safari to Zambia runs upwards of $15,000

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