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Hunt Sitatunga Antelope in Africa

Sitatunga! - This is truly one of Africa's most elusive species ranking alongside mountain Nyala and giant Eland as one of the most challenging safaris. One of the more specialist spiral horned antelope, Sitatunga are probably the most economical of this hard to get group and success is usually high if you concentrate upon Sitatunga only and choose the right country and region.

In Zambia you find ideal Sitatunga habitat and this is one of the best countries for a successful sitatunga hunt, usually over 7 or 10 days. Recently Sitatunga and hunting them has become more accessible with the opening up of various previously unhunted regions.Without a doubt, Zambia's Bangweulu swamp, a vast wetland spreading to over 70,000 square miles in the wet season, is the Sitatunga capital of Africa. Currently this is your best bet for a Sitatunga hunt, combining a high success rate, trophies in the 28 inch range and enough habitat to go after big bulls.

Zambia does have other areas, isolated wetland pockets where Sitatunga occur in huntable numbers although these areas are usually remote and quality is not as good.Recently there have been new areas opened up on the fringes of the Bangweulu swamps which do harbor Sitatunga and other species, however these remain unexplored due to their hostile environment BUT still hold great potential and excitement which brings us to offer Rough exploratory hunts at reduced rates into this region.

2010 Sitatunga hunts in Zambia

Sitatunga hunts in zambia

32 inch Sitatunga - hunt sitatunga in zambia

Sitatunga, Lechwe and plainsgame - 2x1 Safari $11,900 per hunter

Most other operators and agents sell this safari on a 7 day package which is your standard Swamp hunt. HOWEVER, to truly appreciate the vast wilderness of the Bangweulu swamps and allow enough time to select a decent Sitatunga (not just shooting the first one you see) I sell this hunt on a 10 day basis and still give you a cheaper price than any other operator / PH in Zambia!

Going after big Sitatunga means covering a large area, locating a big bull and then waiting for the opportunity of a shot. You can only do this when the swamp waters have receded enough to allow access so our 10 day hunts run from August thru October and typically you'll need a full 14 days in Zambia as we drive you in and out of the concession.

Hunting the Bangweulu is a specialised affair as you only get a few species on license - Black Lechwe, Tsessebe, Oribi, common Reedbuck - that's all and you can select which ones you'd like to shoot.

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Hunt sitatunga in Zambia

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The Sitatunga live deep in the swamp and grasses of central Africas wetland areas.

Zambia has more Sitatunga than any other African country and it is here that your best chance of success lies, in the vast Bangweulu swamps where some regions are still untouched by man.

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Sitatunga safari hunt in zambia


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