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Zambia for 2007 - I have sourced some of the best hunting Zambia has to offer; I have reviewed the concessions and the outfitters and I have chosen the best GMAs available. You will not find a better or more suited choice from anyone else and as usual these hunting opportunities come with SafariBwana's guarantee of reliability and trust.

I am an active, experienced Zambian professional hunter involved in the hunting industry for many years. My family has been here for 4 generations and I have been going into the Zambian bush to hunt since I was 5 years old. I'm not a foreigner who can escape or blame a third party, I stand in the firing line of the wildlife authorities and hunting associations here, my very livelihood depends upon 100 % performance and satisfaction.

If you need further assurance I have an extensive list of very satisfied clients for your reference and clarification.

I personally invite you to hunt Zambia with me in 2008

Pete Swanepoel jnr

Call me in the US if you need any further information 720-277 1920


Lion - Zambia is your best bet for big Lion over the next few years. Since hunting re-opened in 2003 some monsters have been taken and the recent move reducing Lion and Leopard quota in most hunting concessions is a step in the right direction. Prices on THE prime hunt in Zambia have increased steadily and will continue to do so. If you are after a fair chase Lion hunt with above average chances at a big male then get to Zambia in 2007 or 2008.

Buffalo - You have probably heard this from many African PH's: this is Africas ultimate hunt and the Luangwa Valley rates as one of the best regions for large herds of buffalo. We cannot offer the 2 buffalo on one safari package BUT we do have the Buffalo, Hippo & Crocodile hunts which are much sought after and reasonably priced.


the antelopes - over the last 4 years Zambia has produced Africa's largest Sable with the world record monster being taken this year in the Kafue region. There are still very big Sable out there and you can expect something in the 45 inch class if you choose a good concession and hunt hard.

Added to this, you can realistically hunt for large Roan in the Luangwa Valley, the endemic Kafue and Black Lechwes, cooksons Wildebeest, Puku, Livingstones Eland, Kudu and other endemic species.

Sitatunga are top on the list of the short hunts and a 10 day sojourn into the Bangweulu swamps after this elusive species is both challenging and one of the best experiences in Zambia.


BUFFALO & TIGERFISH- feel like getting the best of both worlds? Our 10 day buffalo hunt in the lower Zambezi Valley is as tough and as reasonable as you will get in Zambia with one added PLUS! The camp is based on the mighty Zambezi river so you get to go after Africa's most sought after fish, the TIGER!


Bangweulu Dawn

"I speak of Africa and golden joys" ; the joy of wandering through lonely lands; the joy of hunting the mighty lords of the wilderness, the cunning, the wary, and the grim." Theodore Roosevelt - 1908

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We have 4x2 Buff hunt specials starting at $7,900 per hunter!
Zambia's largest Lion
Bangweulu Buffalo
29" Sitatunga - Bangweulu
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