ZAMBIA Buffalo in 2007

the best Buffalo hunts in Zambia for 2007 will be those in Luangwa

Zambia for 2007 - I have sourced some of the best Buffalo hunting Zambia has to offer; I have reviewed the concessions and the outfitters and I have chosen two concessions which offer some of the best hunting and provide a good compromise on price and additional species.

"All writers are agreed as to the hazards of invading the haunts of this savage animal, whose skulking habits, no less than his tremendous strength, render him an object to be greatly dreaded...........he is described to of so irascible a disposition that he will attack his great enemy, man, without the smallest provocation. And should he succeed in destroying his victim, it is his wont to stand over the inanimate corpse, goring and tossing it in vindictive fury with his formidable horns, trampling it under his feet, crushing and mangling it with his knees and stripping off the skin with his rough and prickly tongue; desisting occasionally, but to return again with renewed appetite, as though his revenge might never be glutted!" - Captain William Cornwallis Harris: The Wild Sports of Southern Africa

Buffalo - You have probably heard this from many African PH's: this is Africas ultimate hunt and the Luangwa Valley rates as one of the best regions for large herds of buffalo. We cannot offer the 2 buffalo on one safari package BUT we do have the Buffalo, Hippo & Crocodile hunts which are much sought after and reasonably priced.


North Luangwa Valley - We have the same 2x1 Buffalo, Hippo and Crocodile special as we did for 2006 in the north Luangwa. Dates however are very limited so you'll have to move fast.

At $13,995 per hunter including the three trophies this is a very good deal.


South Luangwa - Mfuwe - Hunt the prime Upper Lupande concession well known for the large herds of buffalo which move through from the national park. Close to Mfuwe airport, no charters are needed and we have very good discounts for 4x2 hunts.

1x1 prices are $10,800

2x1 prices are $9,400

Above fees include government licenses, firearm permits, meet and greet and Dip, pack and crating for the trophies.

A maximum of 6 other plainsgame species may also be taken, including Hippo and Crocodile.



Buffalo& Tigerfish- feel like getting the best of both worlds? Our 10 day buffalo hunt in the lower Zambezi Valley is as tough and as reasonable as you will get in Zambia with one added PLUS! The camp is based on the mighty Zambezi river so you get to go after Africa's most sought after fish, the TIGER!

email for details


Bangweulu - Buffalo and Sitatunga hunt - This is a classic combination hunt for the two very challenging species.

Spend 10 days on the Bangweulu swamps hunting Buffalo & Sitatunga as well as other species: Tsessebe, Black Lechwe, Oribi, common Reedbuck.

Prices start from $15,000 including government license and firearm fees plus dip and pack.

Quota is very limited on this hunt so email NOW!


Bangweulu Dawn

"I speak of Africa and golden joys" ; the joy of wandering through lonely lands; the joy of hunting the mighty lords of the wilderness, the cunning, the wary, and the grim." Theodore Roosevelt - 1908

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Bangweulu Buffalo
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29" Sitatunga - Bangweulu



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