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Hunting in Africa - Hunting in Mozambique - Hunting Basics

Mozambique Hunting Basics

Mozambique offers the classical style hunting safari - it is about elephants and lions and leopards and buffalo with all the others thrown in on the longer hunts.

Based upon a very similar hunting system to Zambia and Tanzania, Mozambique has demarcated hunting zones known as wildlife Management Areas and today this is where almost all hunting takes place. Ownership of these zones is within the hands of the government and local community while safari outfitters lease these for periods ranging from 5 to 25 or more years. These areas often call for intense investment from the operators and this determines their lease duration in many cases.

Although Safari operators are given an annual game quota to harvest which essentially determines the viability of their hunting area, it is open to negotiation depending upon the actual status within the hunting zone. It appears that safari operators are left pretty much to their own conservation management although structures for these hunting zones are defined at the time of lease.

Most Safari operators sell their hunts on the industry standard daily rate basis dependant upon which species you are after and tend to stay away from ever quoting a straight all inclusive package price. What this means is that each hunt has a base daily rate price which is usually inclusive of all the basics necessary to hunt the targeted animal. From here there are additional fees which do add up at the end of a safari, the most notable being the trophy fee for each animal harvested.

At a quick glance the daily fees in Mozambique are very reasonable for what you get while the trophy fees tend to be a little high depending upon the outfitter. However total classic safari prices tend to come out lower than neighboring Zambia and Tanzania for the similar species - namely Lion and Leopard.

The most Common Safari Hunts offered in Mozambique:

18 plus Day Lion, Leopard, Buffalo + Sable and all other plains species in the country

18 plus Day Elephant and Buffalo Safari PLUS plains antelope within the hunting block

14-16 Day Leopard, Buffalo PLUS Sable and other resident plainsgame

10 Day Buffalo OR Hippo OR Croc. and resident plainsgame

7 Day Buffalo and resident plainsgame

The EXTRAS - often the sign of a good Safari Operator is the fact that they will NOT try and nickel and dime you at the end of a safari with all the extra fees. Here are the fees that are legitimate:

- Trophy fees for animals killed or wounded

- Air charters / transfers to get to the hunting camp

- Rifle permit fee $250

- Hunting license fee $150

- Gratuities for PH and camp staff

- Dip, Pack and crating fee to ship your trophies home

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