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Mozambique Hunts in 2013

Mozambique is the classic Africa of old, vast concessions in extreme conditions remote and untouched with dangerous game trophies which are nothing short of spectacular. Despite a rough start to the Safari industry in this country, reliable and trusted operators are now gaining a foothold and we are pleased to offer this piece of old Africa to our clients without reserve or hesitation.

Niassaland Safaris LDA offers trophy hunting based on sound ethical principles in the field while pursuing the many indigenous species Mozambique has to offer. Our goal is to provide a hunting experience which is a challenge of skill, energy and perseverance; the reward of a trophy being the conclusion to a successful hunt and not the only measure. Our business is based upon family tradition and knowledge, bringing you a safari that is not only true to African ways but also considers the natural balance of our concessions and their relation to the local communities.

We invite you to join our safari family on the adventure of a lifetime to one of Africa's undiscovered hunting destinations Mozambique!


Our hunting portfolio in Mozambique consists of a 160,000 acre hunting reserve, in the heart of big game country in the north western part of the country. Lying in the foothills of the Luangwa and Zambezi valleys, this area consists of Miombo forests interspersed with Mopani woodland and open grasslands which support a healthy family of big game species. These include the big boys Lion, Elephant, Leopard and Buffalo as well as Roan, Sable, Kudu, Eland, Lichtensteins Hartebeest, common Waterbuck, chobe Bushbuck, Impala, Reedbuck, common and red duiker, Bushpig, Warthog, Hippo, Crocodile and Hyena.


The Niassa National Reserve lies in the top western corner of Mozambique against the Tanzanian border and covers an area of 42,200 square kilometers 36% of the country's formal protected area estate.

Our hunting concession is a privately owned game reserve in excess of 400,000 acres lying on the southern boundary of the Niassa Reserve with the magnificent Lugenda river splitting the concession in two. This reserve has seen almost no hunting since its establishment, with the initial focus being on anti-poaching and photo safaris rather than hunting which has resulted in a healthy population of all the classic big game and plains game species.


To supplement our classical hunting safaris we have access to varied points on lake Cahorra Bassa for Hippo, Crocodile and other smaller plainsgame species as well as opportunities at tiger fishing and family vacations.

These Hippo / Crocodile safaris form the basis of our packaged hunts providing an affordable safari to Mozambique for some of the very large sought after Crocodiles and hippo bulls that make this vast expanse of water their playground.

Our proprety lies within the hunting grounds of the Muirs and of David Livingstone and more recently, that of the famous elephant hunter, Karamojo Bell.

Mozambique offers outstanding prices especially if you compare current Lion safari prices which run at well over $3500 per day in neighboring countries and that's even if you do not shoot your trophy! Day fees for most safaris are typically low and species such as Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Roan, Sable and other plainsgame make a decently priced true clasical safari.

Mozambique Elephant hunt

Talk to us about your requirements in Mozambique - we offer Lion, Leopard, Elephant and a host of plainsgame species to this new classical safari destination. In addition we have excellent fishing for Tiger on the Zambezi as well as remarkable offshore action!

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Mozambique Buffalo Hunt

Elephant - 1967

Mozambique Lion Hunt

Mozambique Elephant hunting