STEENBOK - Raphicerus campestris

Steenbok are graceful looking antelope with characteristic large, pale ears and at times almost appear rabbit-like when they run. They have a sleek appearance distinguishing them from the stouter duikers and only the males have straight horns which are set wide apart on the skull.

steenbok: no 3 trophy - south africa CITES
No restrictions

SCI minimum score



Steenbok usually live in pairs holding and protecting a territory by scent marking and dung heaps. They are widespread throughout Southern Africa but do not like high barren rocky altitudes.

hunting tips - the hunt
In some areas where regular hunting takes place they become nocturnal and can only be found early in the morning and at dusk. At times they will hide when pursued and burst away when one approaches near.

hunting tips - the calibre
Smaller calibers are preferred as one does not usually have close range shots. Usually one is not afforded the opportunity or time to decide which caliber to use and a shot in the gut or ribcage with one of the common magnums does not cause too much damage.

hunting tips - the trophy 
As with most of the smaller antelope, horn judgment is relative to the ears with any length level with and above the large ears being a good trophy.

hunting tips - where
Steenbok occur primarily in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and some parts of Zambia and Tanzania.


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